Jun 29, 2022Kuina-chan

These are Kuina-chan's sayings 81-88.

1Saying 81

If you want to look taller, I recommend that you put your hands in a banzai pose and shape them as shown in,
because it will make you look longer as an optical illusion.

Banzai pose is a pose that Japanese people use to express great joy.

2Saying 82

If you are tired of being told by your parents, "Go study!", you might solve this problem by asking them questions and explaining to them what you have studied and involving them in the study. Your parents will not want to study too much and will not tell you so strongly. Conversely, if your parents are willing to study, you will have good rivals.

3Saying 83

I wondered why flowers, birds, and trees evolved to be so beautiful. But when I thought about it more, I realized that we humans evolved to feel them as beautiful.

4Saying 84

When I had my CPU listen to Mozart's music, the CPU usage went up compared to when it was not playing, so the CPU must be able to understand the music.

5Saying 85

I was curious to know what kind of flavor the bay leaves used in stewed dishes would have, so I put only bay leaves in hot water and stewed them for about 30 minutes. It tasted like hot water with a faint flavor from boiling the leaves of a tree that grows near my house or something.

6Saying 86

Some people say they can count to 1023 using both hands, but I can actually count without using my hands.

In Japan, it is known that the bending and stretching of fingers can be used to represent binary numbers from 0 (0000000000) to 1023 (1111111111).

7Saying 87

For students taking exams, Otoshidama is bad luck, so I'll take them all! I came up with such a secret plan, but it was a little late....

Otoshidama is a gift given by adults to children and young people at the beginning of the year in Japan, consisting of thousands of yen (equivalent to tens of dollars) to tens of thousands of yen (equivalent to hundreds of dollars) of cash in a beautiful envelope. The word "otoshi" means "to drop," and is also used in Japanese to describe failing an examination.

8Saying 88

I can give you the motivation to walk, but only you can make you actually walk. I'm rooting for you!