This is a remastered, improved version on December 23, 2023.
While the previous work, "Kuina-chan Fusion," focused on melody, this work emphasizes harmony.
File 0-1: Kuina-chan Trance
The following 14 songs, totaling 40 minutes, are connected without a break (Figure 0-1).
  1. Light Flows Behind [0:00]
  2. 22:00 [2:23]
  3. Mirage [5:11]
  4. The Day I Forgot My Umbrella [8:37]
  5. Don't Look Back [11:55]
  6. Hanging Garden and Capricious Butterfly (Kuina-chan Remix) [14:56]
  7. Fish School [17:57]
  8. Gears of Kittens [21:27]
  9. Egg Made of Capsule (Kuina-chan Remix) [24:13]
  10. Cookies and Earl Grey [27:54]
  11. Off Street [30:38]
  12. Correctness Is [33:31]
  13. #37 (Kuina-chan Remix) [35:10]
  14. To Space [38:12]
Figure 0-1: Song Title List
Below is a description of each piece of music.

1Light Flows Behind [0:00]

The first one is a catchy, fast-moving song.
F minor, 4/4 time. Elements of "trancecore."
The melody, which is engraved in sixteenth-note units, runs at high speed over a fast quarter-note rhythm. Rather than being an instrumental piece, it is more like an instrumental version of a vocal piece with lyrics, and is filled with an appealing emotion.

222:00 [2:23]

The party is still going on.
C major, 4/4 time. Elements of "house."
This is an unassuming and uplifting piece of music that reconstructs dance music from what is considered the good old days. By breaking down and piecing together phrases played on live instruments, a unique uplifting mix of warmth and lightheartedness is created.

3Mirage [5:11]

A mirage hazes my vision.
B-flat minor, 4/4 time. Elements of "nu style gabber."
The heavy and aggressive tune is accompanied by a song, creating a dark and fantastical world. I also love hardcore music, and I hoped that the song would create a familiarity with hardcore music, which tends to divide people into two camps when it comes to instrumental music.

4The Day I Forgot My Umbrella [8:37]

On a rainy day, there is also the freedom not to put up an umbrella.
B major, 4/4 time. Elements of "eurobeat."
This is a bright and sad vocal song. It was created with a straightforward development, aiming for an easy-to-understand and energetic tune.

5Don't Look Back [11:55]

「Don't look back.」
D minor, 4/4 time. Elements of "techno."
Music with a horror atmosphere. I have been thinking a lot about fear lately. I think it would probably be the scariest if the sound stopped in the middle of the song and it became silent.

6Hanging Garden and Capricious Butterfly (Kuina-chan Remix) [14:56]

The butterfly wandered through the hanging gardens, changing course to the right and left.
D-flat major, 4/4 time. Elements of "contemporary jazz."
This is a remixed version of a song I made previously. I like the dizzying melody and polyrhythm, like a capricious butterfly, and I feel that it has become a highly complete composition.

7Fish School [17:57]

How long had I dived? Fish were spread out in front of me.
E minor, 4/4 time. Elements of "drum'n'bass."
I have always wanted to create a sparkling, shiny drum'n'bass sound. I think it was worth the effort to create the sound, and it turned out to be a cool piece of work.

8Gears of Kittens [21:27]

I was dancing with them.
E major, 4/4 time. Elements of "hard dance."
A fun piece of music with a silly tune. The mismatch of ethnic musical scales and hard tones makes for a humorous tune.

9Egg Made of Capsule (Kuina-chan Remix) [24:13]

E-flat major, 11/16 time. Elements of "electronica."
This is a remixed version of a previously created piece. The repetition of the characteristic chords and the heterogeneous rhythm give it a simple but not boring feel. In the middle of the song, the beat is reduced from 11 to 9, and it folds in a tense tone.

10Cookies and Earl Grey [27:54]

Plus, add milk.
E-flat major, 4/4 time. Elements of "future bass."
It is characterized by a finely chiseled rhythm over a relaxed tempo and a looming sound that seems to be played backwards. I aimed for a sophisticated cuteness.

11Off Street [30:38]

There is only a few hours left.
B minor, 4/4 time. Elements of "psychedelic trance."
This is the kind of music that makes you feel impatient, but your mind is conversely calm and awake. I am filled with a feeling of wanting to escape, but I do not dislike that feeling.

12Correctness Is [33:31]

The acts in pursuit of it fall into the following patterns.
B minor, 4/4 time. Elements of "hip-hop."
The rap rides on a simple, unaffected rhythm. I wanted to create an intelligent hip-hop song, and sought to create a cool tune without being too ornate.

13#37 (Kuina-chan Remix) [35:10]

It will all be settled.
F-sharp minor, 4/4 time. Elements of "odd time."
This is a remixed version of a song I had previously written, but with a major reworking. It is an interesting piece, with an odd time signature that does not match the catchy and passionate tone of the song, but it is still cohesive as a whole. I liked it so much for the improvisational nature of the song that I decided to complete it again.

14To Space [38:12]

Over 1000 BPM.
B-flat minor, 4/4 time. Elements of "speedcore."
Songs with BPM over 1000 already exist, but they don't sound quite like BPM over 1000, so I came up with the idea of starting slow and aiming for BPM 1000, and made it. It is debatable as the last song, but I was able to create a sense of tension as if we were accelerating and taking off.