Dec 08, 2022Kuina-chan

This is the source code of Programming Language Kuin.
This is the C++ source code for the Kuin programming language. By building this, you can run the Kuin compiler in various environments such as Ubuntu, macOS, and FreeBSD. This can be compiled with clang++ or g++.
If you want to use Kuin on Windows, you can download Kuin's pre-built compiler, editor and a set of examples from Download And Introduction Of Kuin.
File 0-1: Source Code Of Programming Language Kuin

0.1Building And Using

First, install clang++ (or g++) and extract the Kuin zip file. Run "clang++ kuin.cpp -o kuin" to create the Kuin compiler.
Create a Kuin source code in any directory. The contents of can be empty.
Run "../kuin -i -o test -s ../sys/ -e cpp" to build For the location of kuin and the location of the sys directory, specify the location where the Kuin compiler exists. test.cpp will be generated.
Run "clang++ test.cpp -o test" to build test.cpp. The executable file test will be generated.
Run "./test" to make sure that the Kuin program works correctly. If is empty, "Hello, world!" will be printed.