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This is a download and introduction page of Kuin Programming Language.
File 0-1: Programming Language Kuin
To know the updates, please visit Update History Of Kuin. For non-Windows environments such as Ubuntu and macOS, you can use the compiler by compiling the Kuin Source Code. There is also Kuin To Compile On A Web Browser
Once you have Kuin, follow Kuin Tutorial to get started.
Kuin Sample Program "3D Kuina-chan"
Figure 0-1: Kuin Sample Program "3D Kuina-chan"
Kuin Sample Program "Kuinvaders"
Figure 0-2: Kuin Sample Program "Kuinvaders"

0.1Features Of Kuin

Kuin is an easy and fast practical programming language. Its features are as follows.
Output For A Variety Of Environments
Figure 0-3: Output For A Variety Of Environments
Kuin can output not only executable files (exe) for Windows, but also C++ and JavaScript source codes, which can be run in various environments.


  • It makes it easy to create 2D and 3D games, tools, and command line programs.
  • It can generate not only executable files (exe), but also C++ that runs on various platforms, and JavaScript source code that runs on web browsers.
  • The Kuin compiler itself and the Kuin editor are also made with Kuin. In other words, it has been proven that practical applications can be made with it.


  • It is highly functional, yet simple in design, with no extra complexity.
  • It supports 2D and 3D graphics rendering and sound playback as standard.
  • It is an object-oriented language that increases the efficiency of program development.
  • It is equipped with garbage collection, which eliminates the need to manually release memory areas.
  • It supports string types, lists, stacks, queues, dictionary types, etc. at the language level.
  • It also supports other useful functions as standard as possible.
  • It will automatically generate a "Hello, world!" program if you don't write any program.


  • It is extremely fast to compile and does not lose time with every modification.
  • It can generate CPU-native machine language without a virtual machine, so it is fast to execute.
  • It can use the GPU for screen rendering, so 2D and 3D graphics rendering is also fast.
Figure 0-4: Features Of Programming Language Kuin


As an example, a program to find prime numbers less than or equal to 100 is shown below.
  1. func main()
  2.   for i(2, 100)
  3.     var b: bool :: false
  5.     for j(2, i - 1)
  6.       if(i % j = 0)
  7.         do b :: true
  8.       end if
  9.     end for
  11.     if(!b)
  12.       do cui@print("\{i}\n")
  13.     end if
  14.   end for
  15. end func
Figure 0-5: Kuin Program To Find Prime Numbers Less Than Or Equal To 100
Kuin has a standard function to quickly determine if a number is prime or not, so you can use it to write the following.
  1. func main()
  2.   for i(2, 100)
  3.     if(math@prime(i))
  4.       do cui@print("\{i}\n")
  5.     end if
  6.   end for
  7. end func
Figure 0-6: The Second Kuin Program To Find Prime Numbers Less Than Or Equal To 100


Once you have Kuin, follow Kuin Tutorial to get started.