May 23, 2022Kuina-chan

This is a non-stop album of 14 songs and 40 minutes that pursues the appeal of dance music for Kuina-chan.
While the previous work, Kuina-chan Fusion, focused on melody, this work focuses on harmony.
File 0-1: Kuina-chan Trance
The following 14 songs, totaling 40 minutes, are connected non-stop(Figure 0-1).
  1. The Light Flows Backwards [0:00]
  2. Endless Night [2:23]
  3. Mirage [5:11]
  4. Rain On The Day I Forgot My Umbrella [8:37]
  5. You Must Not Turn Around [11:55]
  6. A Fickle Butterfly In The Hanging Garden (Kuina-chan Remix) [14:56]
  7. School Of Fish [17:57]
  8. Gears Made Of Kittens [21:27]
  9. Capsule Egg (Kuina-chan Remix) [24:13]
  10. Cookies With Earl Grey [27:54]
  11. Dead End [30:38]
  12. Considerations on Correctness [33:31]
  13. The Final Battle (Kuina-chan Remix) [35:10]
  14. Into Space [38:12]
Figure 0-1: List Of Song Titles
The following is a description of each song.

1The Light Flows Backwards [0:00]

For the first song, I decided on a catchy, fast-paced tune.
F minor, 4/4 time. The motif is "transcore".
The melody, played in sixteenth-note units, runs at high speed over a fast quarter beat rhythm. Rather than an instrumental song, I imagined it as an instrumental version of a vocal song with lyrics, with an appealing emotion.

2Endless Night [2:23]

The party was still going on.
C major, 4/4 time. The motif is "house".
This is an uplifting, danceable piece of music that reimagines good old-fashioned dance music. The phrases played on live instruments are deconstructed and pieced together to create a unique uplifting mixture of warmth and lightness.

3Mirage [5:11]

My vision was blurred by the mirage.
B flat minor, 4/4 time. The motif is "nu style gabber".
The song takes on a heavy and aggressive tone, creating a dark and fantastic world. I like hardcore. People tend to have different tastes in hardcore when it's instrumental, but I wanted to create a sense of familiarity by adding a song.

4Rain On The Day I Forgot My Umbrella [8:37]

There is also the freedom to not take an umbrella on a rainy day.
B major, 4/4 time. The motif is "eurobeat".
This is a bright and sad vocal song. I tried to create a song that is easy to understand and energizing, with a straightforward development, which is unusual for me.

5You Must Not Turn Around [11:55]

I found a piece of paper. It says, "You must not turn around."
D minor, 4/4 time. The motif is "techno".
This song has a horror atmosphere. I've been thinking a lot about fear lately. Probably the scariest thing would be if the sound stopped in the middle of the song and there was no sound, but I didn't think that would be appropriate with the theme of dance music, so I tried to create an atmosphere before the scary stuff happened.

6A Fickle Butterfly In The Hanging Garden (Kuina-chan Remix) [14:56]

The butterfly wandered through the hanging garden, changing its path left and right.
D flat major, 4/4 time. The motif is "contemporary jazz".
This is a fine-tuned remixed version of a song I made before. I like the dizzying melody and polyrhythms like a fickle butterfly, and I feel that the song is very non-redundant.

7School Of Fish [17:57]

I wondered how long I had dived before I saw the fishes spread out before me.
E minor, 4/4 time. The motif is "drum'n'bass".
I've always wanted to create a sparkling drum'n'bass. I think it was worth the effort to find a way to make the sound, and it turned out to be dark and cool.

8Gears Made Of Kittens [21:27]

I was dancing along with them.
E major, 4/4 time. The motif is "hard dance".
This is a fun song with a silly tune. The mismatch of ethnic musical scales and hard tones gives the song a unique and humorous tone.

9Capsule Egg (Kuina-chan Remix) [24:13]

The awakening.
E flat major, 11/16 time. The motif is "electronica".
This is a fine-tuned remixed version of a song I made before. The repetition of characteristic chords and heterogeneous rhythms make it feel simple but not boring. In the middle of the piece, the beat decreases from eleven to nine, and it builds up in a tense tone.

10Cookies With Earl Grey [27:54]

Then add milk to it.
E flat major, 4/4 time. The motif is "future bass".
The rhythm is finely played at a relaxed tempo, and the sound is distinctive in that it seems to be played backwards. I aimed to be sophisticated and cute in that song.

11Dead End [30:38]

The time remaining is...
B minor, 4/4 time. The motif is "psychedelic trance".
In this song, people seem to be driven by a sense of urgency, while in their minds, on the contrary, they are calmly awakened. That's how I feel when I'm pressed for time. At that moment I am filled with the desire to escape, but I don't hate this feeling.

12Considerations on Correctness [33:31]

The act of seeking correctness can be categorized into the following patterns.
B minor, 4/4 time. The motif is "hip-hop".
The rapping rides on a simple, unhurried rhythm. I wanted to make a calm hip-hop song that wasn't too emotional, and I tried to find a tune that was cool without being too decorative.

13The Final Battle (Kuina-chan Remix) [35:10]

From now on, everything will be settled.
F sharp minor, 4/4 time. The motif is "free time".
This is a remixed version of a previously created song that has been heavily revamped. It's an interesting song with an odd time signature that doesn't fit the catchy and passionate tune, but it holds together as a whole. I really liked it, even though it was improvised, so I finished it again this time.

14Into Space [38:12]

Over 1000 BPM.
B flat minor, 4/4 time. The motif is "speedcore".
There are already songs that exceed 1000 BPM, but they don't feel very much like 1000+ BPM to me, so I came up with the idea of starting slow and aiming for 1000 BPM, and that's how I created this song. It is debatable as a final song, but it could create a sense of tension as if it was accelerating and taking off. Isn't this all right?