May 23, 2022Kuina-chan

Kuina-chan Univ. is a school that seeks cross-disciplinary knowledge and way of life.
At Kuina-chan Univ., we take an integrated view of a wide range of fields and explore the mutual development of knowledge across disciplines. We will then use the knowledge we have gained to find out how we should live.

1Kuina-chan's Goal

People often say that "life is too short to study every field," however my goal is to demonstrate that we human beings can achieve far more than we think if we seriously try our best. I'm going to give it my best shot so keep an eye out for me!

2About Kuina-chan

I'm Kuina-chan, six years old. I'll give you some of my knowledge, so please give me some of you!
I am a Japanese living in Kyoto, Japan.

3Kuina-chan's Team

"Kuina-chan" is a team of multiple Kuina-chans!

4Past Kuina-chans

When a Kuina-chan is defeated for some reason, the mission is passed on to the next Kuina-chan.
Season 1 Season 1 Season 11 Season 11
Season 2 Season 2 Season 12 Season 12
Season 3 Season 3 Season 13 Season 13
Season 4 Season 4 Season 14 Season 14
Season 5 Season 5 Season 15 Season 15
Season 6 Season 6 Season 16 Season 16
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