Jun 24, 2024Kuina-chan

My name is Kuina-chan and I am 6 years old. I will give you a part of my knowledge, please give me a part of you!

1The Kuina-chans of the Past

When a Kuina-chan is defeated for some reason, it is passed on to the next generation of Kuina-chan.
1st Generation 11th Generation 21th Generation
2nd Generation 12th Generation 22th Generation
3rd Generation 13th Generation 23th Generation
4th Generation 14th Generation
5th Generation 15th Generation
6th Generation 16th Generation
7th Generation 17th Generation
8th Generation 18th Generation
9th Generation 19th Generation
10th Generation 20th Generation

2Kuina-chan's Copyrighted Works

You can freely use all of Kuina-chan's works under the Kuina-chan License. For more information, please see the Kuina-chan License page!