Jun 29, 2022Kuina-chan

These are Kuina-chan's sayings 17-24.

1Saying 17

It cannot be simply said that "artificial food additives are bad, and natural ones are safe!" It is clear when you look at the poisonous mushrooms.

2Saying 18

I want to say what I have done rather than what I want to do. Oops, self-contradiction....

3Saying 19

When successful people say, "I was just lucky," they don't mean that they did nothing in particular but succeeded in a fluke, but that they did everything they could and left the rest to luck. So don't misunderstand and be careless.

4Saying 20

"What happens when your pike, which can pierce any shield, pierces your shield, which can block any pike?" "To test that, please buy both."

This joke is based on a Chinese proverb, famous in Japan, called the shield and spear paradox. The story goes that a merchant was selling a pike that could pierce any shield and a shield that could block any pike, and a customer asked the merchant what would happen if he poked the shield with the pike, and the merchant was troubled.

5Saying 21

The moment I thought, "This is not the right field for me," I thought, "Am I so great that I can define myself like that?" And I reminded myself that I need to be more humble in my approach.

6Saying 22

"This program is not working according to the specifications...." "I'll go rewrite the specifications immediately!"

7Saying 23

The reason why there is so much rain in June is the tears of people who are exhausted from the lack of holidays.

Japan has a rainy season in June. And in Japan, I don't know why, but there are no national holidays in June.

8Saying 24

For example, if we have no interest in Japanese geological formations, we tend to dismiss them as "boring" even before learning about them. However, if you can't explain how Japanese geological formations are boring, it may not be that they are boring, but that you just don't know how to make them interesting.