Sep 18, 2021Kuina-chan

These are Kuina-chan's sayings 89-96.

1Saying 89

There are times when poorly used metaphors can make explanations more difficult to understand. For example, my statement about the teacher who was able to get his point across simply by saying a few words, but then he developed a story with cute animals that made it interesting but not memorable.

2Saying 90

When you work it is good to work thoroughly and when you rest it is good to rest thoroughly. The most inefficient pattern is to work while you say "I need to rest..." and rest while you say "I need to work...."

3Saying 91

I dreamed that toilet paper became an e-book.

4Saying 92

No matter how bad you are at it, no matter how much criticism you get, you're getting results when you publish your work! Unlike those who say, "I'm training to create something great someday..." and never publish their work, you have earned the right to be judged by others. You should be more proud of yourself!

5Saying 93

If you don't understand the fun of soccer at all, you can make it a little more tense by thinking of everyone kicking a bag of money instead of a ball. In professional soccer, a lot of money actually depends on where that ball goes, so I felt like that wasn't so misguided.

6Saying 94

We say "stepping on a bug", so if we step on it, why don't we just crush it?

In Japanese, the occurrence of a bug in a program is expressed as "stepping on a bug," and fixing it is expressed as "crushing a bug."

7Saying 95

If you are not good at communicating with others, you may be too concerned about them. If so, you may be able to communicate smoothly by acting a little duller than they do. The fact that you deliberately do not care about people may result in you caring about them.

This sentence is for Japanese people. In Japan, there are many people who see consideration for others as a virtue.

8Saying 96

When you see an amazing piece of work or an amazing person, you may feel how bad you are in comparison, but they are the final boss! Even if you will fight them someday, it would be too reckless to challenge them as a freshly adventured hero. Start by being satisfied with winning over the ordinary people around you, like me.