Sep 18, 2021Kuina-chan

These are Kuina-chan's sayings 33-40.

1Saying 33

Rather than thinking, "People who don't do ____ are losing in life," I try to think, "People who do ____ are gaining in life." Those who know the joy of creation gain 300% in life!

2Saying 34

You may have been taught that "it's an excursion until you get home," but when you go out into society, it seems that in many companies, the time spent on the road from business trip to home is not included in the working hours.

Japanese are often taught to "it's an excursion until you get home" on school excursions. However, many companies in Japan do not pay for the travel time back home.

3Saying 35

When two people get together, it would be wonderful if the relationship can produce results by multiplication rather than just addition. One plus one is only two, but one multiplied by one is...well, I was going to say something wonderful, but I failed.

4Saying 36

It takes courage to change your values because you feel like you are no longer yourself. But for me, the courage to grow was trivial compared to the courage to be content with the me that I am now, which just happens to have been built up by various events in the past.

5Saying 37

Monday after a holiday may be hard, but since there are seven different days of the week, the probability that tomorrow will be Monday is only 1/7.

6Saying 38

It is said that if you perform a certain spell, any wish will come true. The spell was called "effort" by the people.

7Saying 39

I have found a way to communicate any idea I have in my mind to others. The way to do it is that... first, I put my thoughts in order, and then, well, I mean... I'm not sure how to put it, but I discovered it.

8Saying 40

When I read an academic book, the first thing I do is hold the book and shake it 100 times. Right hand 100 times, left hand 100 times. Then do another 100 sit-ups, and then run outside.