Aug 13, 2022Kuina-chan

This is the language specification 12 of Kuin Programming Language, and is the abbreviation dictionary for Kuin.

1Kuin Abbreviation Dictionary

The criteria for abbreviations are shown in Figure 1-1.
  • Do not abbreviate words of four letters or less.
  • Abbreviate words that appear frequently in programming.
  • Words that are often abbreviated conventionally are abbreviated.
  • If the abbreviation duplicates or obscures the original word, do not abbreviate or use a different synonym.
Figure 1-1: Abbreviation Criteria
The list of abbreviations is shown in Table 1-1.
Table 1-1: Kuin Abbreviation Dictionary
Abbreviation Original Word
abs absolute
addr address
align alignment
alloc allocation
anim animation
arg argument
asm assembly
async asynchronization
attr attribute
bin binary
bool boolean
btn button
buf buffer
cat catenation
cfg configuration
char character
chk check
cmp comparison
cnt count
const constant
ctor constructor
cur current
dbg debug
dec decrement
def definition
del deletion
dict dictionary
diff difference
doc document
dst destination
dtor destructor
enum enumeration
env environment
err error
excpt exception
fin finalization
fmt format
func function
idx index
img image
inc increment
inf infinity
info information
init initialization
ins insertion
int integer
inv inverse
lang language
len length
lib library
mat matrix
mem memory
msg message
num number
obj object
param parameter
pos position
ptr pointer
rect rectangle
ref reference
res resource
ret return
rls release
rnd random
rot rotation
sel selection
src source
std standard
str string
sync synchronization
sys system
tex texture
tmp temporary
var variable
vec vector